The best thing that has ever happened to you, novitahair!

It will be implemented in Turkey since 2000, and that it is quite far along the way, the translocation plantation operations, developing our day of day campaign and almost one in Europe has hair transplant centers are more preferred. There is so much information on hair transplants that you can not see the discussion about hair transplants on the internet. Because you're stuck somewhere and unstable. Therefore, we wanted to prepare you a very complete guide for hair transplantation. This guide is an informative guide for you. All the articles in this article are accurate and clear information.

Especially if we take 6-7 years related to the volume of hair transplant surgery in Turkey and can easily see its popularity. For those who want to make a plantation in Turkey from around the world have been surprised to tell him that organized health tourism? No, you do not have to be surprised. Because these health tours are constantly carried out and Turkish hair transplant centers are full of people who have thousands of hair problems every year. Specialists and the success rate of hair transplantation with the latest technology and equipment that will be carried out specifically with the right budget operations have, Turkey move to the first place in the world rankings. In particular the Arab countries, coming from all European countries have accepted the favored course Turkey does not have to be a coincidence. Almost every hospital has a special section in its plantation, which is also an indication of the importance of transplantation in Turkey. While we are counting on all these positive aspects, we would like to add an important detail to which we must draw attention. We strongly recommend that you stay away from hair transplant centers. Do not have a hair transplant in the Policlinico, Beauty Center and similar small businesses. Consider the problems of hair transplantation that are prevalent in this area.

Although the time of the hair transplantation process takes several hours, the operation may take a little longer than the previous process. If you wish to undergo a hair transplant, ask your doctor for an appointment. Your doctor should see your hairstyle, decide if your hair is suitable for hair transplantation and decide which areas and how much to plant. Firstly, a superficial check is carried out and images are taken of the areas in which a hair transplant is intended. These images are shared with the patient and a detailed presentation on how the surgery is performed on the images. If necessary, regional anesthesia is performed before surgery and some tests can be performed to determine how to respond to these procedures. If you are allergic to some medicines, tell your doctor. After all these preparatory checks and the investigative process have been completed, it is decided by which method the hair transplant is performed. The doctor is obliged to inform the patient about all hair transplantation methods. The doctor can not personally determine the hair transplant method. You must share with your patient and get approval. The cost of each hair transplant method varies. When the hair transplant method is decided, the patient receives an appointment for surgery. On the day of the hair transplant, the room in which the operation is performed is prepared and the anesthetic needles are attached to the patient's head. In reality, this is the most difficult part of hair transplantation. Needles made on the head can burn a little. If you are sensitive to this type of condition, share this situation with your doctor. In front of the needle, you can prepare a quantity of soothing fluid.
After the needles for anesthesia on the head, waiting for a process that lasts up to 10 hours. In this process, you will never feel pain. You can also watch TV and listen to music during the operation. You can eat during breaks and meet your human needs. During hair transplantation, you can continue your normal life in your room. During the surgery, you can talk to your doctor or assistant. The process after anesthesia needles is very simple. At least one doctor, his assistants and nurses will accompany you during the procedure. After the operation, the transplanted areas are wrapped with bandage and you are given an appointment for the next visit.

The first thing you need to do before transplanting your hair is to concentrate. Do not undergo a hair transplant without feeling ready for this surgery. Please do not believe in filled comments. It is not right to decide before talking to your doctor. Do not consume alcohol at least one day before surgery. Do not use heavy drugs like antibiotics. Even if you use it, tell your doctor. Do not shave the hair before hair transplantation. Even before the operation, this operation is performed in the Operations Center. Wear comfortable clothes when you enter. Do not use supplements such as vitamins, soothing, or antidepressants without consulting your doctor. Do not forget to bring one of your family members or friends as a companion with you. If you want to listen to your favorite music, do not forget to put your MP3 player in your pocket.

Some hair transplant centers slogans return 'to normal life the same day' normally in the form of promotional items were made. After hair transplantation, continue your work, you go the same day in life, put your normal life in 1 hour away and believing not at similar rates - hair transplantation is a serious operation - it's a process, hygiene and maintenance requires - there are a lot of things you need to keep out after 'surgery, and a lot of actions to be undertaken.
They must be accompanied by someone after the operation. You may not feel well because the effect of needles for anesthetics will begin. In this process, you need someone's support to come home. Use painkillers, creams or lotions from your doctor as directed. It is necessary to keep the surgical area dry and clean for 2 or 3 days (as prescribed by the doctor) after the operation. Do not open the bandage and do not touch these areas. It can be itching, pain. In this process, you should only use the medications and supplements provided by your doctor. Do not use cigarettes, alcohol, too many coffees and various drugs. In case of possible swelling, call the doctor. In this process you should rest and relax. In the first days can get to sleep disorders. You should not sleep in the surgical site. You will always give up your normal sleeping position for a few days.
Avoid activities that can cause excessive sweating. It is not recommended to do sport in this process. In fact, if possible, do not leave the house if necessary. Because the surgical area can be infected. Even the smallest dust, dirt and even air, you have the ability to grab the germs.

One day after the first hair wash in your clinic, you should wash your hair with the shampoos recommended by the doctor to clean the skin and remove the tufts. Cleaning bowls prevents damage to hair follicles and hair growth. You should use hot water to wash your hair. In the early days you should not have too many contacts with your head while you wash your hair. Wash your hair with a very light massage with your fingertips. Do not remove the splits, do not scratch them or touch them hard. Avoid chemical shampoos. Keep your head in the shower. About 4 days after the operation, you can take a low pressure shower. This helps peel the skins, accelerate the healing process and reduce the adverse conditions of the operation.

Find out what you need to know about hair transplant simply by talking to your doctor. Acting on the internet will prevent you from making the right choices and you will have difficulty making decisions. First you need to know that you need to reserve a budget for this job. Depending on the type of surgery and the regions in which the hair transplant is performed, the salaries may vary, but the average can vary between 3,000 and 20,000 TL. These numbers are absolutely average prices. Make sure the Operations Center is known and reliable. The experience and equipment of your doctor are one of the most important factors. Before and after hair transplantation, you need to know what you should do and do before surgery and use them in the required process. You must know that the hair sown is not poured and permanent and after hair transplantation you should take care.

A hair transplant can be done for anyone who wants to feel good and has enough equipment. When the hair loss process becomes faster and you do not get a positive response from applied hair care treatments, it is not a problem to choose a hair transplant. For those who experience regional hair loss, this surgery is the most effective solution. Even more effective results can be obtained from people who lose most of their hair. For example, only people who have performed surgery on hair transplant surgery can give excellent results. It is less expensive and the surgical process can be softer. But in people who have lost most of the upper and side areas, hair transplant surgery can be a bit more difficult. You must have a sufficient number of donors (hair follicles). Because the roots of the replanted hair are from their own hair. This can only be done by the doctor and you can decide if you are suitable for a hair transplant. Most hair transplant centers require patients to ask for some photos to show their hair before making an appointment.

Hair transplantation is a simple surgery that can be used for anyone over the age of 18 and without health problems. It can be done for women and men without gender difference. There is no hair transplant age. The age limit of 18 is a limit to the decision for the operation. We can say that the most appropriate age for hair transplantation is 30 years. Hair loss is accelerated in this age group and treatment with residual skin care may not respond. When the clarity of the hair becomes clear, it's time for a hair transplant.

Specialists say that the most appropriate hair transplant should be performed at the age of about 30 years. There are, of course, some physical reasons. In normal people, the total number of scalp is typically 100,000. The hair grows 1-2 cm per month and the duration of the anagen phase is between 2 and 4 years and the telogen phase is 100 days. About 40-100 hairs per day can be casted. This speed increases in late summer and early autumn and may decrease in winter due to the effect of temperature. As we get older, we lose our hair density. We can never make a hair in the 20s.

The most curious question came to answer. After the hair transplant process, you can hear various comments about when you will have normal hair. We give the clearest information. You're tight! You can have your normal hair within 1 year of surgery. The first 3 months are the healing process and the hair restoration process. During 6 months the hair grows, starts to grow and starts to form. After a year at most, as if you had never had an operation, you will have your natural hair. Please do not shave your hair in the first 6 months. Do not hit the scissors in the first year if possible. Although the duration is 6 months, the ideal time is 1 year. You can make shortcuts, but you'll want to make a complete hairstyle after 1 year. We can briefly describe the phases and phases of hair transplantation as follows; The first week after the operation is the treatment and the first washing period. Sensitivity lasts for up to 15 days and itching and fouling begin after 1 month. This period can be incredibly disturbing. Especially during the recording time, you should be patient. You can use a variety of whitening lotions or creams with your doctor's advice. At the end of the third month, your hair begins to form and grow. You will feel better in 3-6 months and after a year you will feel much better with your new hair.

Hair transplantation is a complicated operation. In other words, it is a process that starts with the first treatment process and performs the necessary tests and analyzes. Regardless of the technique, hair transplantation can take 4 to 10 hours. Depending on the number of hair follicles to be planted, the surgical process is completed within a day. The patient feels good and the reactions during the operation affect the process. Frequent rest breaks affect the process prolongation. Successful hair transplantation, which continues during the normal course, can be completed within an average of 6 hours. These periods also depend on the experience, knowledge and equipment of the operating team.

So far, no damage or side effects of hair transplants are detectable, only in uncontrolled centers due to wrong operations are harmful. This is the topic to which we have repeatedly referred. Please do not operate in hair transplant centers where you are not sure. A process that is used improperly can cause damage for a lifetime and lose hair. We often see examples in the media that are called "grass man". If you do not want this type of hair loss, give your hair to a specialist. In addition to this warning, hair transplantation has no health disadvantages. The positive aspect after hair transplantation has a positive effect on psychology. Confidence in oneself, happiness and satisfaction in the person generate feelings.

This situation is completely related to the roots of the hair and to the structure of the person. Usually, hair transplants are performed simultaneously. However, extensible processes can be divided into specific time periods. For example, an operation that is planted on 4,000 hair follicles can be performed once and during the day, while 8,000 or more hair follicles can be divided into two and performed at regular intervals. This can vary completely depending on the doctor's decision and the type of patient. Naturally, different hair transplants can be performed in different regions. If you cry your hair on the hill for the first time, six months or a year after your side can be operated.

Impatience after hair transplantation and the desire to see new hair as soon as possible can cause stress in most people. Some people want to get their hair right after surgery and the first 3 months are quite difficult. Hair begins to appear steep at the end of 3 months, although most people disappoint, this is very common. Do not panic if your hair is straight and soft. In contrast, this hair transplant is a sign of success. At the end of the sixth month, your hair starts to go hand in hand and you can start scanning easily. At the end of 1 year your hair will look natural and you will not even believe you have a hair transplant. Because there is no trace of the operation.

Over the years, when hair began to spread in Turkey, there were two current hair transplantation techniques. Fue technique and Fut technique. In the last few years various techniques have been tried. A variety of hair transplantation techniques such as direct hair transplantation (DHI), robot hair transplantation, Hiberbaric hair transplantation, micromotor hair transplantation are performed. The most common and most used technique is Fue hair transplantation. The Fue method, which is simple and practically painless, without surgical scars, is one of the most effective methods that are preferred.

FUE hair transplantation method (FOLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION); An aspiration-like procedure removes the hair follicles from the scalp. No cutting is required, so no seams are required. This also means that there will be no scars. However, this is a method that takes more time, so many people prefer this method.

Fut (FOLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION) hair transplantation method; A small strip of tissue is removed from the back of the head to remove the hair follicles. Although fut hair transplant surgery is less expensive than the Fue method, you may suffer more and the healing process is a little more difficult. Furthermore, the probability of the operating permit is very high. That's why most hair transplants prefer Fue's hair transplant. You have to decide with your doctor which method you choose. Evaluate the operation in terms of health, not arbitrary and decide accordingly. Of course, do not forget to plan your budget accordingly .